During our classes, we will focus on the 3 T’s: Think, Train & Transform. This clinic is for both Coaches, Parents and Student Athletes. Our goal is to assist Coaches and Parents in teaching Student Athletes the skills they need to participate in activities at their highest potential. Student athletes attending will learn skills in leadership, mental agility, teamwork, communication and better understand their mental strengths.


Athlete Class Options

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THINK Class 1

Who: Marla / Kerrie

Title: The Power of Positive Thinking

Topic: Positive Thinking

Description: In this breakout session, you will learn about the power of positive thinking and how changing your mindset can improve your physical performance. The way you think about things can influence performance outcomes and your outlook on the game or activity at hand. Learn to think clearly, realistically and positive to achieve your best performance.


THINK Class 2

Who: Kirstiane / Brea

Title: The Mind Game

Topic: Mindfulness (Keeping your Head in the Game)

Description: The focus of this session is to teach mindfulness practices and how this can be used to create a more focused and thoughtful athlete. Mindfulness practice is used in a variety of different sports to help the athlete learn how to focus more effectively, worry less, be more present and increase the ability to respond and react quickly.

TRAIN Class 1

Who: Kerrie / Marla

Title: Train Your Mind, Train Your Body

Topic: Accountability / Balance

Description: In this breakout session you will learn about ways to become a strong team player. This breakout session will include topics such as accountability, how to own mistakes, and general skills that contribute to success on and off the court. Train your way to athletic success by learning about self-discipline and qualities that contribute to being a valuable team player.

TRAIN Class 2

Who: Kirstiane / Jen

Title: Bring Your ‘A’ Game

Topic: Communication and Emotion Regulation

Description: As the intensity rises so does both team and individual frustrations.  When frustrations rise often communication and teamwork begins to suffer. In this course we will teach you how to maintain your composure and communicate more effectively while in and out of the game.


Who: Jen / Kerrie

Title: Center Yourself

Topic: Mental Toughness / Performance Anxiety

Description: Often when pressures arise, we have a hard time staying focused and keeping our head in the game.  We often let pressure, fear, and/or worries get in the way to doing our best. While attending this course you will learn seven tools on how to manage the pressures of the game when it is down to the wire. 


Who: Brea / John

Title: The Me In Team

Topic: Me vs We

Description: Each member of a team plays an important role in the team as a whole. When individuals see their own, personal, successes as more important than the successes of the team, it can be extremely damaging to the team. Through this session, we will discuss entitlement, what it is, why it is harmful, and what we can do to work toward change.


Coaches/Parents Classes:


Who: Brea / John

Title: 7 C’s to Leadership

Topic: Leadership

Description: Becoming successful in any sport begins with leadership. The 7 C’s of Leadership: Culture, Contagious, Consistent, Communicate, Connect, Commitment, and Care are characteristics of a leader.  Through this session, we will discuss these seven concepts that contribute to positive leadership in sports, as well as in life.


Who: Marla / Brandi

Title: Prime Performance: Overcome Obstacles & Develop a Positive Mindset

Topic: Resiliency / Confidence

Description: In this breakout session, you will learn about obstacles to success, how to build confidence, and how to persist after experiencing loss in sports. You will use self-evaluations to determine areas of strength and to gain knowledge of areas of improvement to enhance performance. Learn to trust your mind, body, and the process.



Who: Jen / John

Title: Retrain Your Brain

Topic: Challenging Beliefs / Confidence

Description: Don’t take yourself out of the competition too soon. We all miss an opportunity or make a mistake. Don’t let one mishap end the game. Learn how to identify your inner beliefs and use them in the moment as a source of strength and encouragement. Retrain Your Brain will show you how to move past a missed score or poor performance and hold true to your inner beliefs to keep you focused and in the game.